Intimate Rituals

27 Feb 2007

CD cover image #1676 Titel: Intimate Rituals
Komponist: Horatiu Radulescu
Künstler: Vincent Royer, Gerard Causse
Label: Sub Rosa
Tonträger: Audio CD
Erscheinungsdatum: 27 Feb 2007
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December 5, 2007
A strong return for concert series

“In “Das Andere” (The Other), Vincent Royer, who has recorded all of Radulescu’s viola music, produced luminous squeals of harmonics that sang like voices from a distant, mystical realm. Earthy, powerful arpeggios were the contrast.
The performance was breathtaking.

By Mark Swed, Staff Writer

“Vincent Royer embodies the inspiration deep within Radulescu’s music
and performs it with such a grace and focused attention that it shall
never be forgotten” John Pickford Richards, violist Jackquartet



  1. Das Andere opus 49
  2. Agnus Dei opus 84
  3. Lux Animae opus 97
  4. Intimate Rituals opus 63


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Intimate Rituals
from Vincent Royer.