Plastic No.1

22 Jun 2008

An excerpt of the composition Plastic No.1 composed and conducted by Norbert Stein and played by the James Choice Orchestra at the Loft in Cologne.

Line up:
Michael Heupel – flute
Joris Ruehl – clarinet
Frank Gratkowski – alto saxophone
Matthias Schubert – tenor saxophone
Thomas Heberer – trumpet
Stephan Meinberg – trumpet
Nicolao Valiensi – trombone
Matthias Muche – trombone
Carl Ludwig Huebsch – tuba
Radek Stawarz – violin
Axel Lindner – Violine
Vincent Royer – viola
Sue Schlotte – violoncello
Isis Krueger – voice
Barbara Schachtner – voice
Philip Zoubek – piano
Scott Fields – guitar
Thomas Lehn – synthesizer
Tom Lorenz – vibraphon
Christian Thom̩ Рdrums
Sebastian Gramss – double bass
Dieter Manderscheid – double bass

About the orchestra:

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Plastic No.1
from Vincent Royer.