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  • Alice Awino says:

    Jambo Vincent,
    Much greetings from Kenya! This is Alice, big sis to Sella. We are so very grateful unto your kindness in enabling her to study.
    We are all well and thankful unto the almighty for our health and strength. Pray Bridgett, Bosile and Raphael are doing great. The last pictures of them that we saw are those of your vacation in southern France – summer of 2010. They must have grown taller and bold.

    Sella is my follower. She has been eager to get in-touch with you and yours. Thanks to technology, we’ve been able to find you, by the violin you arm yourself with – it makes you unique thus easier to spot.

    She asks that i get you a local music instrument. Sella is a book-worm, maybe you need to slow her down by getting her to adopt a music instrument, say violin or piano.

    Kindly feel free to get in-touch to reach us through +254700616234.
    Much geeting to Bridgitt, Bosile and little Raphael.


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