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Quatuor Brac Live

03 Nov 2011

This release features the single set played by Quatuor Brac–Tiziana Bertoncini (Violin), Vincent Royer (Viola), Martine Altenburger (Cello) and Benoit Cancoin (String Bass)–at one of the premier locations for improvised music: Les Instants Chavirés in Paris.

An intense atmosphere gave birth to a magnificent sonic exploration of simplicity and complexity, density, colours and textures. This is an evening to be remembered and enjoyed many times!

The performance was captured with a close Ambisonic setup (Core Audio TetraMic) and a more traditional ORTF pair (two United Minorities tuned Oktava mk102 cardioids), placed further off, both fed into one of the best microphone-preamps and ADC’s available (Metric Halo ULN-8). The stereo downmix features a careful blend of both time-aligned systems.


01 Jul 2008

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25 May 2007

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Intimate Rituals

27 Feb 2007


December 5, 2007
A strong return for concert series

“In “Das Andere” (The Other), Vincent Royer, who has recorded all of Radulescu’s viola music, produced luminous squeals of harmonics that sang like voices from a distant, mystical realm. Earthy, powerful arpeggios were the contrast.
The performance was breathtaking.

By Mark Swed, Staff Writer mark.swed@latimes.com

“Vincent Royer embodies the inspiration deep within Radulescu’s music
and performs it with such a grace and focused attention that it shall
never be forgotten” John Pickford Richards, violist Jackquartet

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The Book Of Scenes

28 Nov 2005

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Angewandte Musik

30 Apr 2001

Le Marteau sans Maître

02 Jan 2001

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28 May 2000

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Traverse 1999

02 Jun 1999

Computer Music Journal – Summer 2001

Traverse (1999), by Gerhard Eckel (Austria) and Vincent Royer (France), was for me one of the major highlights of the conference. For perhaps the first time I witnessed a viola and a notebook computer performing together on stage in a fully integrated manner. Here the computer truly became a live instrument.

Reviewed by Thomas Gerwin (Berlin, Germany)
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Das Lied von der Erde

01 Jan 1989

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