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Horatio Radulescu

Intimate rituals

Title: Intimate Rituals
Performers: Vincent Royer, Gerard Causse
Composer: Horatiu Radulescu
Label: Sub Rosa
Format: Audio CD
Release Date: 27 Feb 2007
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December 5, 2007
A strong return for concert series

"In Das Andere (The Other), Vincent Royer, wo has recorded all of Radulesu's viola music, produced luminous squeals of harmonics that sang like voices from a distant, mystical realm. Earthy, powerful arpeggios were the contrast. The performance was breathtaking."

By Mark Swed, Staff Writer mark.swed@latimes.com

“Vincent Royer embodies the inspiration deep within Radulescu’s music
and performs it with such a grace and focused attention that it shall
never be forgotten” John Pickford Richards, violist Jackquartet